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agencybud review

What Exactly Is AgencyBud?

These days, a number of digital marketing agencies have emerged, but most services do not have the resources to utilize all the techniques needed to find leads for you or your client’s business. But with AgencyBud you greatly enhance your ability to help your clients find their ideal customers.

The whole goal of AgencyBud is to give a customer or business of AgencyBud four of their specialized software programs that you can sale as your own.

Allowing you to keep 100% of the sales that are made to help you grow your business while helping your client’s grow theirs.

These four programs are IDEAL for anyone who owns a business that needs to improve their online presence such as reputation management, social media management, and lead generation.

By using AgencyBud, you could sale individual software or the entire suite of software to local businesses that need and can use the value that these tools will bring to their business.

This also helps to establish you as a authority when it comes to assisting business owners to improve their online presence to make more money online.

In this AgencyBud review, I will briefly go over what each software tool does, it’s benefits, and why you should consider selling these software to businesses in your local market.

Best of all, you will earn 100% commissions on anything you sale to businesses while building your own digital marketing agency.

Why Promote AgencyBud Products?

AgencyBud comes equipped with four specialized software tools designed help businesses improve their sales and get businesses.

Becoming a digital marketing agency promoting AgencyBud can significantly help business owners in such times because you as the marketing agency are seen as  having the experience of dealing with multiple customers, and consequently, have in-depth understanding and the very best tactics which can help businesses in creating the very best marketing techniques.

This is extremely necessary in today’s times because, if an organisation fails to adapt to the marketplace conditions, it does not make it through long-term.

Becoming a digital marketing agency is your best choice when it pertains to creating long-term business relationships with owners that really need your help using these four tools to promote.

Here I will go over the four products that you can promote to other businesses to get them leads and sales online.

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What Are The AgencyBud Products?


This is one of AgencyBud’s oldest products created within the software suite. RepWarn is a reputation monitoring system, social media marketing, and lead generation all in one. RepWarn has the ability to create alerts for specific topics that is mentioned on the internet.

For example, if you create an alert within RepWarn with your name, the software will provide you an alert everytime your name is mentioned on social media, forums, google searches and more.

This software is designed more as reputation monitoring software which could be very beneficial for businesses that need to keep track of their online reputation online.

Businesses such as local restaurants could find this tool beneficial when customers leave reviews on such sites such as Yelp to help them improve either their menu selection or customer service.

There are many local business niches that would be pay thousands of dollars a month in order to better monitor their online reputation.

RepWarn also has the ability to monitor most of businesses most popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Any comments that containing specific keywords, the business owner will be notified of those comments and where they came from.

RepWarn will also automatically populate reviews for businesses on these sites to show more social proof with other potential customers online in order to gain more business.

This software, if used correctly, can provide massive value to business owners who want to keep their online reputation in good standing.

The price of RepWarn is $97/month or $997 per year that you can earn 100% of that commission if you promote RepWarn to businesses.


ColdReach is AgencyBud’s  lead generation software designed to help business owners find more leads for their business online.

With ColdReach’s business search, you can enter search terms of a specific industry and location such as “Builders” in “Chicago” and find all contact information available online for builders located in Chicago, IL.

ColdReach also has the ability to conduct People searches where you can enter the title of a specific person on an industry to find potential customers for their clients to contact to build their business.

Once you find your ideal businesses or person within these searches, you can then setup email campaigns within the software to reach out to those businesses and people to help them sale more things.

I’ve known businesses to pay thousands of dollars a month to have this type of capability where they literally have leads at their fingertips.

The best marketing plan is the one which involves understanding how, when and where to reach your consumers. Social media networking sites have a huge number of registered users.

Making use of social websites can greatly help in driving traffic, increasing awareness among customers and raising the level of client engagement for your brand and will greatly assist in increasing market share.

ColdReach can provide massive value to clients who need the ability to find cold leads online to convert them to hot prospects online.

ColdReach sales for $39.95/month or $295/year that you will make by promoting ColdReach to your customers.


The goal behind DataJeo is to provide data on an advertising component.

Basically, DataJeo is used to evaluate specific keywords of competitors in your niche to conduct an analysis of what is currently working in terms of marketing a specific product or service.

DataJeo will take your keywords and provide you with in-depth analysis of how that keyword is ranking among organic and paid searches within your competition.

Digital marketing firms are able to develop relevant content for the target audience by researching on the services and products they try to find.

The marketers utilize keywords to help users find the content quickly on the online search engine and consequently improve service for the website which get optimal click-through.

Using information provided in DataJeo, businesses will be better able to tailor their search engine optimization strategies or their paid advertising strategies such as Google Ads to be placed further up the search engines.

Search engine optimization is a strategy by which online businesses ensure that their website gets the very best rankings from search engines.

This is because if your site does not have an excellent ranking, then it will not really draw the crowd which you would otherwise desire it to.

Using DataJeo, you can also build profiles of your competitors as to what type of Facebook groups their apart of and what Youtube channels they’re looking at.

This information gives you a better understanding of how your competitors are advertising their business and services.

This is another invaluable software tool that businesses can utilize to increase traffic to their websites to generate more leads and sales for their business as traffic is the lifeblood of any business.

DataJeo sales for $37/month or $297/year. Earn 100% commission on ALL sales to other businesses.


Of all the AgencyBud software tools you’ll receive, I believe Engage is one of the most powerful.

Engage creates a web chat environment.

Engage allows customers to start chat messages on your website with LIVE customer support.

No need for virtual bots that doesn’t have the ability to answer all questions provided by a human.

With Engage, you can chat live with your potential customers from platforms such as Skype or Facebook Messenger.


Having the ability to chat with customers live is a great way to build customer relationship and also helps to increase conversion rates as opposed to using virtual bots. True game changer!

Businesses can schedule their live chat sessions with their sales teams at any given time.

For example, Joe from sales team will be scheduled from 9am-12pm, Susan can be scheduled from 12pm-3pm and so on.

This makes Engage a really great feature for businesses to take advantage of and start turning potential prospects into paying customers.


The plethora of low-priced Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) software which use inexpensive expenses has considerably lowered the barrier of entry which were earlier used with by entry-level agencies.

This implies that startups now have adequate resources, however at the same time, they need to keep their cost overheads to a bare minimum.

Digital marketing agencies are not simply restricted to accommodate the requirements of prominent customers; there are a variety of firms which can satisfy the requirements of small businesses which too within their budget.

Software tools provided within AgencyBud can help a multitude of online businesses whether they’re small business or large Fortune 100 companies.

These four tools are designed to bring an enormous amount  of value to your potential B2B customers in order to provide those businesses with tools needed in their toolbox to grow their online customer reach, whether it’s through RepWarn reputation management, ColdReach lead generation, DataJeo’s market analysis, or Engage’s web chat platform.

Having had a digital marketing agency myself, I understand the importance of having these type of software in place.

You want businesses to see you as an authority when it comes to internet marketing and there’s no better way to provide and demonstrate your subject matter expertise than to provide your customers with easy, automated software they can use to build their business virtually on auto-pilot.

In the end, having discussed the factors which are helping local businesses flourish, AgencyBud is the perfect solution for local businesses where you can provide these tools to help grow your digital marketing agency and build an online brand known for assisting businesses to grow their business.

Harness the power of AgencyBud now by registering for our FREE webinar where we’ll show you exactly how promoting AgencyBud to local businesses will make you more money.

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